Tikkun Chava Project

Introducing: The Tikkun Chava Project


The Tikkun Chava Project is a mission to arm women around the world with a powerful shield of protection at a time of great spiritual awakening. Through jewelry, we’re empowering women to boldly step into their own “Tikkun”, or individual soul’s correction, in their lifetime. 

The necklaces in the collection feature the Tikkun Chava symbol, which is composed of the three interlocking shields of Abraham, David, Solomon, and proclaims humanity's deep-seated need for peace and security. Tikkun Chava is about action and at the same time, inviting the conditions necessary to bring that vision for the future into the present and make it a reality.

Behind the Name

Tikkun Chava (literally “Eve’s rectification”) refers to the process of self-actualization that has stood at the heart of what it means to be a woman since the time of creation. It’s the innate responsibility of all women to lift themselves up, and come together as one to proclaim themselves as leaders and women of power.

Tikkun Chava transcends more than just women alone, encompassing the desire for peace and security that exists in all of us. According to Kabbalists, this search is one that originates in the feminine principle that resides within both men and women.

Kaballists also believe in “Gematriya”, a system for understanding the written word that assigns a numeric value to each letter. Applying this system to the Hebrew letters in the word “Chava- חוה” helps explain the symbolism embedded in the Tikkun Chava symbol:

  • ח : value = 8, “Intellect”; corresponds to the star of Abraham, which has 8 points
  • ו : value = 6, “Emotions”; corresponds to the Star of David, which has 6 points
  • ה : value = 5, “Action”; corresponds to the shield of Solomon, which has 5 points

In other words, the Tikkun Chava encodes the path from where we are now to where we’d like to be: the refinement of intellect (star of Abraham), the repairing of our emotions (Star of David), followed by the rectification of our actions (Shield of Solomon).

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