Stop by our flagship store and studio in the heart of Tel Aviv

You are invited to come visit Sharon Chandally Pedrini’s new jewelry studio and shop. In this small, enchanting space in the heart of Tel Aviv, Sharon carries tradition forward, innovating under the influence of the generations. Inspired by everything from the ocean to acoustics, water to wings, she channels an appreciation for the elegant systems of nature into a deep-seated curiosity for craft. Each piece of jewelry is a small-scale sculpture, an opportunity to create something precious and enduring in an age of abundant consumption.

Her latest collection is a contemporary inquiry into filigree, the technique passed down from her grandfather and great-uncles. For many generations, Filigree weaved its way through her family’s Yemenite silversmithing roots. Sharon’s pieces navigate the tension between intricacy and balance with simplicity, asymmetry, and controlled chaos. The end result is a collection that celebrates the essential dance between old and new with grace, glamor, and a touch of grit.